Pre and Post Natal

Using a solid foundation of anatomy and physiology, Pilates exercises and other moves are incorporated into these programmes to teach the pregnant client to relax, enjoy her pregnancy and trust in her ability to give birth according to her choice. The pre natal programme is a series of gentle exercises and stretches to prepare and release the body in time for the birth. The post natal programme is focussed on re-alignment of the body and restoring muscle tone. Post partum exercises are always based on the type of delivery the client has undergone.

In some instances there are problems with pelvic floor health and dysfunction, c-section, diastasis recti, and pubis symphasis derangement. These conditions are addressed and a gentle and safe exercise programme is built around the conditions to restore the body back to its normal state. 

Carolyne Anthony is the Founder and Creative Director of The Centre for Women’s Fitness. She has accumulated her information over 20 years and has backed her information with every possible source from ACOG to lay midwives. Judy studied with Carolyne in London and is a Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist.